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Survivor Spotlight

Poshie Pets

My journey in the sex trafficking world began at just the tender age of 17. This became my life up until 21 years old when I was arrested and sent to prison for Conspiracy to the same crime in which I was a victim of. Society has only recently begun to acknowledge that NOT all participants involved in sex trafficking are perpetrators BUT many ARE VICTIMS. However, many young women like myself have fallen through the cracks of the justice system. No one realizes the Mental and Physical abuse a young woman goes through in that life. I've realized the only way I may have a fighting chance in this world is to start my own business. I've survived so many other traumas so i know that I am capable.

Since i love animals I've decided to open a pet supply business. Poshie Pets, I specialize in products to cut your pets hygiene ritual in half. I have Organic Bath bombs hand made with simple natural ingredients. So you don’t have to worry about the shampoos that can get messy.

Simply drop the bomb in and bathe your pet.

My 2nd favorite product is the LED collars. They light up so when walking your pet at night. They can never get lost. And it’s a fun, spunky gadget to have. You will definitely be the center of attention walking your dog in the neighborhood.

IMG_0479 (1).jpg

Please Support Poshie Pets!!!

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